Welcome to Chomane Funeral Services where you can find the support and help to get you through this difficult time, because we understand how delicate this moment is. We provide the best complete funeral services for your grieving family.
Transportation of the deceased to our modern, hygienic mortuary
Funeral arrangements in our offices
Registration of death

Our Corporate Culture and Values

We strive to be a good and honourable partner with the sole intension of building a long lasting relationship with our clients. The burial packages we propose for each client vary dependent on strategic objectives for the job at hand . We blend proven techniques with professional courtesy and state of the art information age technology equipment, , whether the project is handling your burial service, to the handling of your Tombstone service. We seek to maintain our position as first class service delivery specialists. Our team share the same vision, values and goals with the company such that we are all moving in the same direction inspired by a strong belief in company strategies.
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